How To Make Techquity A Reality


Duration: 1 hour


Explore the growing efforts to enhance health equity through emerging technologies, and the effects they have on patient populations. Delve in to ‘techquity,’ which emphasizes designing and implementing technology to ensure equitable access to quality healthcare for all individuals.

Hospitals and health systems dedicated to improving health equity face ongoing challenge of providing comprehensive healthcare to each patient. With the increasing adoption of digital tools and technologies, this mission has become even more complex. However, these technologies can be harnessed to personalize care by taking into account individual patient needs, preferences, and circumstances. By leveraging these technologies, we have the potential to revolutionize healthcare and drive positive changes in healthcare.

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Joe Grinstead
Dana 2

Joe Grinstead

EVP, Delivery

Joe is an accomplished healthcare IT leader and former CIO with a passion for helping healthcare make the most of technology. He brings over 25 years of HIT experience within the application and technology sectors to the Team. Throughout his career, he has been highly regarded for his versatility and his ability to comprehend and analyze operational, clinical, and technical concepts. He has worked with representatives at all management levels, through the entire healthcare spectrum including provider, consulting, and IT services.

Dana Locke

VP, Delivery

Dana brings 25 years of Healthcare IT experience with a focus on EMR implementation, adoption and project management. She has lead development of project management offices, governance models and application rationalization strategies to improve the adoption of technology and increase revenue. Dana worked at several EMR vendors and large healthcare system before joining Divurgent in 2022.


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Sarah Moors

Staff Writer, Digital Health Insights


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