On-Demand Webinar: Digital Health Impact on Health System Employer Partnerships and Pop Health

On-Demand Recording

Duration: 1 hour


In today's post-COVID world, the financial landscape of healthcare has shifted dramatically. Health systems struggle to remain profitable, while health insurance companies are stacking up both revenue and margins.

Join this webinar and fireside chat to hear Tracy Chu, Vice President of Population Health and ACO Chief Executive for Scripps Health, and Aaron Sheedy, COO, and Co-Founder with Xealth, discuss how Scripps Health is addressing this challenge in their own market by improving pop health and maximizing value in direct-to-employer arrangements through digital health.

Key takeaways:

  • Focused on moms and primary caretakers as a key demographic to engage in digital health apps.
  • Enrolled patients in employer-sponsored chronic disease management to maximize engagement and value in their employer contract.
  • Integrated digital health enrollment into clinician workflows and adopted automation to drive utilization of programs, including a 410% increase in maternity app enrollments and a 290% increase in patients who access the app monthly.

Following the presentation, Tracy and Aaron will answer questions from attendees and Lorren Pettit, Vice President, Digital Health Analytics for CHIME, based on the discussion. Topics covered will include the provision of high-quality care, the success of Accountable Care Organizations in delivering on the promise of quality care, and digital's role in supporting these care models.


Tracy Chu

Tracy Chu

Corporate Vice President of Population Health and ACO Chief Executive

Scripps Health

Aaron Sheedy

Aaron Sheedy

COO & Co-Founder