On-Demand Webinar: How digital inequity will undermine healthcare consumer experienc

On-Demand Recording

Duration: 1 hour


When most healthcare leaders discuss the "digital consumer experience," they are focusing on a specific set of tools designed to attract a very narrow segment of the population: commercially-insured, digitally-enabled individuals. This narrow focus artificially limits the potential impact of digital transformation and sets the stage for a future where digital tools exacerbate existing inequities. This session will explore this issue and will provide a unique lens on the topic of consumer experience.

Key takeaways:

  • Identify common barriers to the digital transformation of consumer experience
  • Explore the components of digital inequity and its impact on consumers
  • Evaluate your organization's digital investments with digital equity in mind


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Ty Aderhold

Director, Digital Health Research

Ty Aderhold is the Director of Digital Health Research. In this role, he leads Advisory Board's research on artificial intelligence, digital strategy, telehealth, and digital health equity.

Ty has also led research for Advisory Board's Imaging Performance Partnership. His imaging research focused on outpatient imaging growth strategies, imaging appropriateness, and equity in cancer screening.

Ty graduated from Harvard University with a degree in the History of Science and a minor in global health and health policy.